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Welcome to Tristan Dance Studios Ltd., your go-to place for dance classes in town. Our expert and friendly staff are passionate about sharing their love of dance with people of all ages and backgrounds. We provide a range of dance classes, from salsa to ballroom, jive to tango, and more. You can dance with a partner or join as an individual – no partner, no problem. Our lessons are informative, challenging, and most importantly – fun. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, we’ve got something for everyone. Come and fall in love with dance today. we believe that dance is not only a fun and exciting way to keep fit, but also an opportunity to form new friendships and discover a new hobby. With IDTA-qualified instructors and years of experience, we offer a wide range of dance styles to suit your interests and skill level. Whether you are looking to fall in love with ballroom dance with your partner or just want to salsa the night away, our classes are filled with energy, enthusiasm, and great music!

Reasons to start dancing

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  • You can have fun and meet new people.

  • Your coordination, agility and flexibility will improve at our studios.

  • Dance will improve mental health and wellbeing, it makes you happy.

  • Improved mental functioning, reduces arthritis pain.

  • You will notice increased muscular strength and fitness.

  • Keeps you nimble, reduces your stress and increases your energy.

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