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  • One off Wedding dance lesson

    Do you want to do a little more than shuffle on the dance floor, but left it to late for a full routine? Do you simply want a few steps that you can repeat to dance with your partner? We can help with this! Still using your own song we can create something very simple that looks good on your big day.

  • Bronze wedding package

    Learn to dance your wedding dance with us. Your song, your own bespoke choreography. Our teachers have created some wonderful wedding dances over the years that our couples fondly remember.

  • Private lessons

    Up to the max of two people. Learn to dance together in a private lesson, enables you to learn what you want at your own pace.

  • Beginners Couples Ballroom & Latin FULL

    🕺💃 Are you ready to unleash your inner dancer? 🌟 Join our exciting Ballroom and Latin Adult dance classes and get ready to groove like never before! Whether you're a seasoned dancer or a complete beginner, our experienced instructors will guide you through the steps and help you master the art of dance. 🎶✨ 🔥 Get ready to sizzle on the dance floor as you learn popular dances like the passionate Tango, the elegant Waltz, the energetic Cha-Cha, and so much more! 🌟💃🕺 🗓️ Classes are held every week, giving you the chance to meet new people, have fun, and improve your dance skills.

  • Improver Couples Ballroom & Latin class

    This is our next level up class where we can leave the basics alone and start to create some fabulous choreography that will get you dancing around the room in no time.

  • Modern Line Dance with Tristan

    Ever wanted to learn Line dance but not necessarily the country and western version? Line dance has evolved over the years and we are really excited to bring our brand new Line dance class keeping with the trends of the line dance community. Join Tristan weekly in this 45 minute class, designed to get you moving and your heart rate pumping. We can't wait to bring this new class to you.

  • Beginners Tap Class

    Brand new beginners class covering some of the basic Tap steps and exercises that ensure correct poise and posture is trained at the start. These will build up to create routines. This is a beginners course and not all the basics can be covered in one course. Therefore the course does progress each time. Tap shoes are an advantage especially with the style of dance being covered, but a hard soled shoe can be used as a temporary alternative. Please note this is a term time only class running 39 weeks of the year. The payment has been divided up into an 11 month subscription so there is no payment in August. Payment must be made before attending a class.

  • Beginners Adult Ballet Class

    🩰🌟 Embark on a Timeless Journey: Adult Ballet Dance Classes 🌟🩰 ✨ Looking for a graceful and empowering way to express yourself? Want to reconnect with your body and experience the elegance of ballet? Join me as I dive into the enchanting world of adult ballet dance classes! ✨ 💃 Ballet is not only for the little ones; it's a dance form that transcends age and brings out our inner strength and beauty. Through these classes, we adults can embrace the poise, discipline, and artistry that ballet offers. It's an incredible opportunity to challenge ourselves and discover new depths of physical and mental agility! 💪 🌟 The ballet studio becomes our sanctuary, a place where we can shed our worries and immerse ourselves in the music and movements. The grace and precision required in ballet help us cultivate strong posture, flexibility, and balance, all while honing our creativity and expressing emotions through dance. It's a mesmerizing experience that nourishes the soul. 🌙 🌸 And the best part? This journey is never lonely. In these adult ballet classes, we meet like-minded individuals who are passionate about exploring their potential and embracing the beauty of ballet. We encourage each other, share our struggles and victories, and create an empowering community that supports growth and self-discovery. 🤝 ✨ So, if you've always admired ballet from afar or have a dormant dancer within you, now is the time to lace up those ballet shoes and take the first step! Join me in this incredible adventure, where we learn to navigate across the dance floor with grace, elegance, and a renewed sense of joy. 💫 This is an 11 month subscription class in which the class will only run term time. Therefore the payments have been adjusted to reflect the classes available.

  • Adult Ballet class

    Open class for anyone wanting to learn or improve their ballet technique. Open to adults of all ages.

  • Daytime adult Sequence class

    From the Mayfair Quickstep to the Gay Gordon's, learn these and many more set dances.

  • Daytime adult Line Dancing

    A fun class to meet new people. No need for any previous dance experience or a partner.

  • Rosette dance class 2-4yrs

    45 minute dance class for children aged 3 to 5 yrs, learning Freestyle, Street and Rock n Roll. Options for payments are sign up for weekly plan at £5 per week, sign up to 4 weeks at £18 or sign up to our monthly plan of £15.

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